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Meet our team 

Our Team here at the Hull IVF Unit are knowledgeable, experienced and responsive to your individual needs. We are a team of highly trained, specialist doctors, nurses, embryologists, administration staff, ultrasonographers and counsellors.  As we have a multi-disciplinary approach to your treatment, you will get to know our team very well throughout the course of your cycle and we have found this approach works well.


Our Directors


Our team of doctors at the IVF Unit will be responsible for investigating the cause of your subfertility and formulating an appropriate treatment plan based on your individual circumstances. They will also oversee your treatment and make adjustments where necessary. Our doctors have been at the forefront of advances in fertility treatment and play a vital role in researching and developing new ways of managing fertility problems.

Our Doctors


Our dedicated nursing team are trained to the highest standards and are experienced in caring for patients with fertility problems. As such, they are in a unique position to understand your needs. It is likely that your treatment procedures (egg collection, embryo transfers etc.) will be carried out by a skilled, senior nurse.

Our Nurses


Our team of embryologists are skilled in the use of laboratory techniques and play a vital role in the investigation and treatment of fertility problems. The main responsibilities of the team are to analyse and report on semen evaluations and advise on treatment options, to perform various aspects of treatment (such as ICSI, IVF and freezing/thawing of stored embryos and sperm) and ensure the wellbeing of your sperm, eggs and embryos whilst in the laboratory. Our team are also heavily involved in various research studies, ensuring that the Hull IVF Unit is kept at the forefront of the latest developments.

Our Embryologists

Administration staff

Our friendly reception and administration staff pride themselves on their professionalism and approachability. They play a vital role in ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of the Unit. We also answer funding enquiries.

Our Admin staff


Ultrasonographers are specially trained in the use of ultrasound scans to monitor your response to treatment.

Our Ultrasonographers


Our counsellors provide therapeutic support - a place where you can air your concerns. The service is confidential - your counsellor will not disclose anything discussed unless you request them to do so.

Our Counsellors

Domestic staff

Domestic staff ensure that your treatment takes place in a clean and pleasant environment.

Our domestic staff