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Quality and Regulation

Quality policy

The Hull IVF Unit is East Yorkshire’s only specialist fertility unit. The unit has provided a clinical service to local people and also those chosing to come to our Unit from further afield for over 25 years.  It is the intention of the management and staff to continue to provide a service of the highest quality. Uppermost standards of ethical, professional, clinical and scientific practice are employed and all work is carried out to meet the regulatory standards.

The quality of service offered has a direct influence on the Unit’s ability to meet patient’s expectations. The Unit endeavours to work with patients to define expectations and meet or exceed them through offering services which are effective, efficient and safe.

Organisational excellence is maintained at the Unit by implementing quality management principles. Quality Control, Assurance and improvement are integrated in our Quality Management System (QMS).

The QMS includes the following elements;

  • The Unit is dedicated to continuous process and service development for patients and employees. To achieve this objective the Unit will undertake internal and external audits to continually assess and review results. The quality of the service is ensured through the participation in benchmarking and national equivalence programmes.
  • Standard Operating Procedures issuing fully documented guidance on all processes and procedures are issued and amended by authorised personnel and uniformly followed by all staff.
  • Systematic process improvement and training will be conducted. Patient and employee satisfaction programmes will be developed and reviewed.
  • Complete traceability of all consultations, treatments and laboratory processes will be ensured.
  • A fully documented complaints procedure and risk management system will be followed.

This policy will be implemented and maintained throughout the Unit and is regularly reviewed and amended in light of experience and to keep pace with the latest developments in the field.