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Egg Donation

Information for egg donors

Some women cannot produce fertile eggs and need donated eggs to have a chance of getting pregnant.  At present there is a shortage of donated eggs in the UK so women who need them have a long wait for treatment - some people have been known to wait 3-5 years.

Egg donation is used with infertility treatments such as IVF.  

Any women donatiung eggs can not be paid for the donation as this is against the Law.  However, they will be allowed to claim reasonable expenses of up to £750.00.  Reasonable expenses would include car parking fees, travel costs and cost of childcare to attend appointments. 

Do you meet the criteria to donate your eggs?

Women aged 18 to 35 can donate their eggs. A donor will be given information and will attend counselling.  She will be required to give her medical history and detais of any inherited disease in her family. 

In addition, a donor will go through certain tests such as screening for Hepatitis B & C, HIV infection, rubella, chlamydia, syphillis, gonorrhea, cystic fibrosis and chromosome analysis.   Hormone blood tests will also be required to assess the ovarian function.  The screening process can take up to four months. 

For more information regarding becoming an egg donor please Contact Us or visit the HFEA Website at or see the following link