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How to interpret results

The crucial aspects in fertility treatment is the ability of the Unit to establish an ongoing pregnancy (clinical pregnancy) and to maintain a pregnancy until birth (live birth). A clinical pregnancy is defined as the presence of a foetal heart on an ultrasound scan at approximately 6 weeks gestation. We do not report on the result of a pregnancy test taken approximately two weeks after embryo transfer as this can sometimes give an inaccurate account of results as not all positive pregnancy tests will lead to a clinical pregnancy.

We also report on the number of live births for the Unit. As live birth data is delayed until we know the full outcome of pregnancy, the live birth data is usually quoted for the year before the clinical pregnancy rates.

Results can also be quoted according to the different steps along the treatment cycle such as:

  • Per cycle started (For every cycle that was started including those cycles that were abandoned prior egg collection).
  • Per egg collection (Does not include those cycles that were abandoned prior to egg collection, but includes those that were abandoned after egg collection but prior to embryo transfer).
  • Per embryo transfer (Does not include any abandoned cycles).
  • Per embryo transferred (For each embryo transferred back to the uterus as some patients may have more than one embryo transferred).
  • Results are reported as a percentage, but the raw data is given as well to help you understand if the results are abnormally high or low.