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Multiple pregnancy rate

In January 2009, the HFEA set a multiple birth minimisation strategy to target fertility clinics that achieved a high multiple pregnancy rates. Each year since 2009 the maximum multiple birth rate has been lowered and The Hull IVF Unit has sat well within the target rate whilst not comprising our pregnancy rates.


In 2014 The Hull IVF Unit’s multiple pregnancy rates was 3.2%. This means that only 3.2% of pregnancies achieved at the Unit resulted in a multiple pregnancy.


From 1st January 2014 the HFEA withdrew the condition that all licensed clinics must maintain their multiple birth rates below the HFEA target. However, this is still an area that we believe is in the best interests of our patients and will continue to reduce the avoidable risk of multiple pregnancies. Please see our patient information booklet for more information regarding our single embryo policy.