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The costs listed below are applicable from 1st May 2015.  All blood tests (excluding AMH) and a follow-up appointment after a treatment cycle,  are included in the overall costs for each treatment: there are no additional charges for these


All payment must be received prior to commencement of the programme

 i.e. at the appointment with the programme co-ordinator


Egg Sharer’s Costs


Egg Sharing Arrangement Fee (IVF)                                        £ 995.00

(This entitles the patient to 1 cycle of IVF treatment, inclusive of drug costs)

Additional cost for ICSI                                                            £ 900.00

Drugs required during early pregnancy                                    £ 150 approx

Chromosome and Cystic Fibrosis investigation                        £ 385:00*


*Please note if investigations are suitable for egg sharing £300.00 will be deducted from your egg sharing cost   


The egg sharing arrangement fee is non-refundable: if the egg sharer withdraws from the programme at any point the fee will still be payable.  In addition, the egg sharer will incur costs associated with the management of the recipient (including any drugs used), up to the point where consent was withdrawn.


If the egg sharer withdraws from the programme, but wishes to continue with her own treatment cycle, she will incur the recipient costs referred to above, plus the full cost (including drugs) of an IVF/ICSI cycle.  The egg sharing arrangement fee will not be reimbursed.


If the sharer achieves a pregnancy any drugs prescribed following a positive test will be charged to the sharer and are not included in the scheme (see price guideline above).


Recipient Costs


  • One      treatment cycle of IVF, exclusive of drugs*                   £4995.00
  • One      treatment cycle of ICSI, exclusive of drugs*                 £5895.00


*The cost of the drugs used in the sharer’s and recipient’s cycle is not included (an average cost would be £800).


Note:  if a recipient chooses to leave the programme after the egg sharer’s treatment has begun, she will be liable for costs associated with her own treatment up to that point, and in addition, the costs associated with a full cycle of treatment for the egg sharer.


Additional costs


  • HFEA      fee, applicable to sharer and recipient              £80.00
  • Treatment      requiring donor sperm                             £230.00      plus cost of donor sperm
  • Embryo      freezing, and storage for up to three years    £675.00
  • Embryo      storage, each subsequent year                     £280.00
  • *Embryo      thawing and transfer (FET – one cycle)       £1195.00


* one treatment cycle, not including drugs; average drug cost  £250