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Embryo Freezing

During a fresh treatment cycle, it is not uncommon for more embryos to be created than we are permitted to transfer.

Some of these embryos, if they are a high enough quality, can be frozen for use in a future treatment cycle. This opportunity only occurs in approximately a third of cycles as embryos must be of a high quality before they will have a chance of surviving the freezing and thawing process. Embryo freezing will be discussed with you on an individual basis, tailored to your treatment cycle. If you are fortunate enough to be given the option to freeze embryos then there are many benefits, but as with all treatments there are downsides.

These are described in the table below.



A less invasive form of treatment.


A shorter and more simple cycle to arrange.


Fewer injections required reducing drug costs.


Less expensive than a fresh cycle Fees

(for NHS patients funding may be available).


A beneficial alternative to a fresh treatment cycle under certain circumstances such as hyperstimulation.

Success rates lower than that of a fresh cycle.   Success Rates


Not all embryos created during a treatment cycle will be suitable for freezing. Freezing criteria will apply.


Not all frozen embryos will survive the thawing process.


Additional storage costs may apply.














If you are self funding your fresh treatment cycle, you will have to pay for embryo freezing, storage and Frozen Embryo Replacement.  Please see the link below or contact one of our administration team who will be able to advise regarding the Fees schedule involved.

If you have funding in place for your fresh cycle, your freezing, storage and frozen embryo transfer may be funded by your local CCG.   To check your eligibility, please Contact Us at the Unit.  The administration team will be able to confirm whether funding is still applicable in your individual case.  

We will contact you annually regarding your stored embryos as part of the HFEA guidelines.

It is essential if you have embryos in storage here at the Hull IVF Unit that you keep us informed regarding any changes to your personal circumstances or change of address and contact telephone numbers.