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Female Assessments

More and more women are opting to focus on careers first and delay starting a family until later in life. However time may not be on your side, everyone’s biological clock will tick at a different rate and whilst it is widely acknowledged that fertility declines with age, (the decline is particularly advanced past the age of 35) the rate at which this happens will differ for everybody. However, decisions about how long you may want to wait before starting your family may become easier after gaining a full understanding of your fertility. 

The Anti-Mullerian Hormone test gives a good indication of the number of eggs you have remaining in your ovaries and tells us how close you are to the menopause.

An internal ultrasound scan can be used to detect how many follicles are present on your ovaries (antral follicle count) this tells us how many eggs you have remaining (ovarian reserve) and gives an indication as to how well you may respond to hormone stimulation should you require fertility treatment. A scan can also check for abnormalities such as cysts and fibroids.

Rubella can cause serious problems to an unborn child and all women should ensure that they are immune to the disease before attempting to conceive.

We can also offer the following additional tests, if required/ indicated;

  • HyCoSy test to check if your fallopian tubes are open or blocked. This is particularly relevant if you are concerned about a previous sexually transmitted infection or have previously had a termination of pregnancy.
  • Ovulation testing / cycle tracking
  • Full hormone profile (Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Lutenising Hormone, day 21 progesterone, Oestrogen, Free Androgen Index, thyroid function)
  • Chlamydia testing - Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease and is often symptom-less. If left untreated it can permanently damage your chances of conceiving. A blood test can be used to assess if you have ever been infected.
  • Repeat assessments – if any of your results are abnormal we are able to discuss the possible reasons and offer a repeat analysis, if appropriate.

Please contact the IVF Unit to enquire about prices.