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Male Assessments

1 in 12 men have a problem with their fertility. A semen analysis fertility test measures sperm count, motility, and percentage of sperm which are abnormally shaped.

Anti-sperm antibodies impair the sperms ability to swim, causing sperm to bind together and preventing them from seeking out and fertilising the egg. Men who have undergone reproductive surgery (i.e. a vasectomy reversal or surgery to your testicles) or have had a past infection are most at risk of developing anti-sperm antibodies.

We can also offer the following additional tests, if required/ indicated;

  • Full hormone profile (Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Lutenising Hormone, testosterone, Inhibin).
  • Chlamydia testing - Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease and is often symptom-less. If left untreated it can permanently damage your chances of conceiving. A blood test can be used to assess if you have ever been infected.
  • Repeat assessments – if any of your results are abnormal we are able to discuss the possible reasons and offer a repeat analysis, if appropriate.

Please contact the IVF Unit to enquire about prices.