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The Referral Process:


All patients are entitled to NHS funded fertility investigations. Restrictions to funding only apply to treatment.

If you have been trying to achieve a pregnancy for a year and have not been successful, you should request basic investigations by your GP:

Male - a semen evaluation

Female- FSH, LH, Prolactin on day 3-5 of your cycle, Day 21 progesterone, Serum Rubella and Chlamydia antibodies, an up to date cervical smear

If you have a specific known problem causing subfertility, you can be referred to see a hospital consultant straight away.

Should your GP decide to refer you to a General Gynaecology Consultant, rather than one with an interest in fertility problems,  you should be referred on to the Fertility Consultants after 12 months maximum, and ideally 6 months. All of the Consultants at the Hull & East Yorkshire Trust have agreed to abide by this principle.

Some junior doctors may not be aware of this agreement. So, if you feel your investigations are not progressing as you would wish, ask to see the Consultant, or ask for a second opinion.


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