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Our results section is designed to provide you with the key information that is important to you when choosing your fertility clinic.

We understand that interpreting success rates of a fertility unit can be daunting and confusing at times. Please see our “how to interpret” results section for more information.

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Results for clinical pregnancies per embryo transfer cycle

Success Rates

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  • Coronavirus Guidelines and Update – February 2020

    For information regarding the coronavirus guidelines and advice please see our information document below or follow the link to the World Health Organisation website: coronavirus advice – 14.02.2020 If you have travelled to an affected area or have been in contact with somebody who has been diagnosed with the virus,  in the last 21 […]

  • DNA testing websites and anonymity

    Important information for donors or recipients of donated eggs. sperm or embryos. If you have donated eggs, sperm or embryos for use in fertility treatments after 2005, you will be aware that children born as a result of treatment can ask our regulator, the HFEA, personal details about you. This includes information which can identify […]

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