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Our results section is designed to provide you with the key information that is important to you when choosing your fertility clinic.

We understand that interpreting success rates of a fertility unit can be daunting and confusing at times. Please see our “how to interpret” results section for more information.

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Results for clinical pregnancies per embryo transfer cycle

Success Rates

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  • New consent forms released by the HFEA

    The HFEA have released new gender non-specific and consent forms for you to be registered as the legal parent in the event of your death. If you are using donor sperm/embryos during your treatment cycle and you are married or in a civil partnership you will be asked to present a copy of your marriage/civil […]

  • Latest research shows IVF treatments have little impact on the health of the child

    Please click on the links below for more information regarding birth defects following IVF treatments, for which no direct links have been conclusively agreed.    If you have any queries/concerns please do not hesitate in discussing these with your consultant.

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