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Our results section is designed to provide you with the key information that is important to you when choosing your fertility clinic.

We understand that interpreting success rates of a fertility unit can be daunting and confusing at times. Please see our “how to interpret” results section for more information.

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Results for clinical pregnancies per embryo transfer cycle

Success Rates

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  • Patients with stored gametes – new HFEA regulations

    Due to the potential impact that the Corona Virus pandemic may have on patients storing gametes (eggs/sperm) or embryos, the HFEA have released new Coronavirus Regulations which came into effect on 1st July 2020. The storage periods of 10 years which gametes or embryos can be stored for can be extended to 12 years, but […]

  • Coronavirus and IVF – 1/5/2020

    Following the announcements today the Hull IVF unit has volunteered to help the HFEA trial the application process to restart treatment, which hopefully will restart within the next couple of weeks. We will update our website and social media pages as more information becomes available.

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