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About Us

Welcome to the Hull IVF Unit

The Hull IVF Unit was founded in 1986 and is East Yorkshire’s only clinic providing specialist infertility investigations and treatment.

The unit is staffed by trained medical and nursing practitioners, embryologists, counsellors and administrative staff, whose aim is to provide you with support and individualised, professional advice and care, if you think you have a problem conceiving.

We are committed to providing high quality care and high quality information and with this in mind, all information contained within this website, has been provided by medical/health professionals from our team.

Whoever you are and whatever your situation, we can help you; whether you are having difficulty achieving a pregnancy naturally, in a same sex relationship, you are a single lady, or if you require donor eggs or sperm, The Hull IVF Unit will be able to provide you with an individualised treatment plan tailored for you.   Our specially trained fertility counsellors can see you for confidential, independent counselling or support, which is provided free of charge should you need, or require it.

If you do not need donated eggs, we do not have a waiting list and we aim to get you through for your treatment as soon as possible.

Here at the Hull IVF Unit, we encourage partners to be present during ovum retrieval and embryo transfer procedures to provide support for their partner. (The only exception to this would be ovum retrievals carried out in theatre under general anaesthetic).

We are also pleased to offer fertility preservation.  Whether this is because of medical reasons or you are in a high risk occupation, we may be able to help you by freezing your eggs, sperm or embryos.  If you are about to undergo any form of surgery or undergoing treatment with cancer chemotherapy which you think may affect your fertility, please do not forget to ask your Doctor if you should consider fertility preservation.   We can provide rapid access to fertility preservation if necessary, and do have links with the local Oncology services.

If you have eggs, sperm of embryos stored by a UK registered clinic, we can arrange for these to be transferred to us, if this makes treatment easier for you.

Here at the Hull IVF Unit we aim to deliver safe, skilled care in a professional, caring manner.   We involve our patients in all aspects of their care”


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