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Patient Centered Care within the IVF Unit:

The Hull IVF Unit will put our patients at the centre of the care pathway at all times. This is to ensure that all care is patient centered focusing care on the needs of the patient rather than the needs of the IVF Unit. You will have your own views on what’s best for you and your priorities in life. The IVF Unit will endeavour to be flexible to meet your needs as far as practically and safely possible.

You are an equal partner in the planning of your care and your opinions are important and are respected by our staff. That doesn’t mean that ‘what the patient says, goes’, but it does mean that we will to take into consideration and act on what you want when we plan and deliver your care.  To support you, we need to make sure you get information in a format that is acceptable to you to help you make decisions about your care and treatment. We will ensure that the information you receive is consistence and we will provide evidenced based treatments. Being patient-centred means that when we plan your care we think about the effect of the treatment on you as a whole.

All staff that come into contact with patients, donors and their partners will treat them with respect and kindness showing a high level of sensitivity to their psychosocial needs. Due to the sensitive nature of fertility treatment, there is a high risk of emotional distress throughout the cycle.   We will address you using the name that you are comfortable with. Sometimes this may not be the same as on our records. The name on your file will still be used for ID purposes in the treatment room or lab.

We will arrange interpreters for consultations and appointments for those patients that don’t speak English, rather than relying on family and friends. This is to ensure that the information you receive is correct and confidential. If you need an interpreter let us know.

Psychosocial support at every stage will be available at every part of your journey. Counselling will be routinely offered before treatment begins and at emotionally difficult times such as treatment failure. We are interested in your support network and would encourage you to let us know about the family and friends giving you support. Our Website will direct you to local support groups and social media pages. 

Discussions and follow up appointments will be arranged according to your wishes to ensure that you are comfortable with the situation, including:

  1. A feedback telephone call from the nursing staff can be arranged
  2. A follow up appointment with a consultant
  3. No contact with you for a while if you   need some time alone without engaging with the Unit.
  4. You may request a certain member of staff if possible
  5. You may request a female clinician.

Each individual staff member has a responsibility for supporting you by directing you to the written and on-line information that is applicable to your treatment and situation allowing you to make a decision about your treatment.

During the working day there will be a nurse dedicated to call patients with queries. During the working day the nurses will provide a call back clinics in the afternoons to call patients to allay their anxieties and answer any questions. In the case of emergencies nurses will speak to the patient as soon as practically possible. All folders have the nurse-on-call access information for out of hours information.

All staff have extensive training to help them perform their role within the IVF Unit. Part of the training given is to ensure that all staff have counselling skills to ensure you are supported at every stage. It is also possible to see an independent counsellor; this will be frequently offered, but it can be arranged at any time, by asking any member of the team.

Not all treatment will result in a pregnancy.  Counselling is offered to all patients that have a negative result. There is a nominated nurse who is tasked with offering patient emotional support. She will write to you following a negative result to offer you counselling or support. She will also contact you if you have had a miscarriage or abandoned cycle. She will be available for you at any difficult times in your cycle.

We welcome all feedback to improve our care and patient management. We analyse all patient feedback and satisfaction scores. Praise is communicated to teams / individuals. Any negative feedback whether this is verbal or written is investigated and taken seriously to improve the service. We welcome all constructive feedback that will help us to continually improve the service and ensure that your expectations are met/ exceeded.

Page Last Modified: 3rd April 2019