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For all enquiries 01482 382 648

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Book a Special Infertility Andrology Test

A special infertility test is a more in depth examination of your sperm that has been requested usually by your consultant and will provide them with more information as to whether you require further investigation by a urologist or sub-fertility specialist.

These can only be performed on an individual special request by your consultant/doctor. The sample will be produced on site in our dedicated men’s room and the appointments are on a Thursday morning.

Please note that any incorrect bookings will not be processed and the sample will not be tested. When you attend your appointment, you must bring the request card that has been completed by your consultant/doctor with you.

If you require a standard infertility test, then please visit the Book an Andrology Appointment section. Standard infertility tests or post-vasectomy checks are usually requested by your General Practitioner.

If you have travelled to, or been in contact with a person who has travelled to, a Country affected by coronavirus in the last 28 days we are asking you NOT to attend the Andrology Unit, but to contact us for further information on 01482 382648.



Page Last Modified: 11th March 2020