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The prospect of childlessness, together with the strain of investigations and treatment is a recipe for tension, anxiety and conflict. As a result, relationships are often put under pressure. At this stressful time you and your partner may be called upon to make momentous decisions that could affect both the rest of your lives and the life of the hoped for child. Counselling can help you to sort through the anxieties and fears you may have, and ease some of the tension and conflict that perhaps you are experiencing.

Counselling is not just a remedy for when things go wrong, it is a facility that can help to ensure that things go right. You don’t have to be having problems to come and see us. It can provide support, clarity of thought, and help with the life decisions you may have to face.

If you are to receive donated sperm or eggs, counselling is mandatory. Your treatment will not start until you have had this opportunity to discuss the choices you may be offered and their implications.


The counselling staff are trained to at least Masters degree level and are experienced in the field of infertility. Your counsellor will provide a quiet space for you to talk over your thoughts and feelings. The result is invariably a better understanding of your situation with a chance of developing new ways of coping and being in control of your life. Counsellors can provide therapeutic support – a place where you can air your concerns. The service is confidential – your counsellor will not disclose anything discussed unless you request them to do so.

Counsellors are concerned with the implications of any proposed treatment/course of action for yourself, your family, and for any future child. Sometimes you will need specific information and detailed medical advice; in which case the medical staff at the Unit will be pleased to help.

The feedback which counsellors have received is very positive, with many couples indicating they wished they had been for counselling earlier on in their treatment.

Counselling is free

Independent counselling is offered to all patients no matter what treatment you are having.  Counselling is available to you during and after treatment. It is free and available to anyone considering or receiving infertility treatment. Couples usually come together but you can be seen separately if you wish.

Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment to speak to a counsellor.  We will be able to offer you an appointment within a couple of weeks of your request; however, if a sooner appointment is required we will liaise with our counsellor for an urgent appointment.

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