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Male Fertility Assessments

Basic Test:

1 in 12 men have a problem with their fertility. A basic semen analysis fertility test measures sperm count, motility, and percentage of sperm which are abnormally shaped.  This is the usual first steps and can be requested by your GP.

Detailed semen assessment:

Some problems may not be identified by a basic test.  A more detailed assessment is carried out on samples produced in the IVF unit.  This test will assess motility issues in more detail, specifically whether or not anti-sperm antibodies are present.  The result of this test is used to determine treatment options.  Anti-sperm antibodies impair the sperms ability to swim, causing sperm to bind together and preventing them from seeking out and fertilising the egg. Men who have undergone reproductive surgery (i.e. a vasectomy reversal or surgery to your testicles) or have had a past infection are most at risk of developing anti-sperm antibodies.

We can also offer the following additional tests, if required/ indicated;

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